Why subscribe to grantsforindividuals.org.uk?


More sources, more commentary, more analysis than anywhere else.

Grantsforindividuals.org.uk enables you to instantly identify grants for individuals experiencing hardship or for educational purposes. Enter criteria specific to your need and find the trusts likely to fund you, how much they are likely to give, any exclusions they may have, and how to apply.

You won’t waste time trawling numerous websites and thousands of words and you won’t make applications for which you have little chance of securing funds. An incredible time-saver.

“Instantly identifies relevant funding opportunities and the saved search function is great. We’ve secured a good amount of funding via grantsforindividuals.org.uk”

Lucy Winton, National Blind Children’s Society

Features of grantsforindividuals.org.uk include:

  • Over £362 million available each year
  • Over 3,500 trusts operating locally and nationally
  • Non-statutory sources of help for individuals experiencing hardship
  • Non-statutory help for people in education who are in financial need, up to first degree level
  • Educational aid for fees, school uniforms, books, outings, disability-related equipment, extra lessons, musical or sporting equipment…
  • Aid for hardship including food vouchers, provision of household items, house adaptations, furniture, bedding, clothing, food, fuel, utilities, tools…
  • Search by welfare or education, purpose of funding or by keyword

NEW one week subscription only £99 + VAT

We understand that many of you are not dedicated fundraisers, that you juggle many roles within your organisations, and that fundraising is just one of them. You tell us you often approach trust funding in intensive bursts, therefore an annual subscription to grantsforindividuals.org.uk would seem unnecessary, almost wasteful. A shorter subscription length would make more sense, and mean less of an outlay.

This is why we are now offering one week’s full access to grantsforindividuals.org.uk for the reduced price of £99 + VAT. To access this option go to Subscribe and enter Promotional Code ‘WEEK’.

Of course if you are a dedicated fundraiser, and require more than one week’s access, then the annual subscription would be your best option. To access this option go to Subscribe.

Your week will start immediately payment is made.