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Search for a specific trust

In order to search for a specific trust, a certain amount of information must be known about the trust. This information can include:

  • Welfare or Education - select 'Welfare' or 'Education' according to the type of grant required
  • A key word - select 'All description text' before searching
  • Name - select 'Trust name' before searching
  • Address - select 'Trust address' before searching
  • Postcode - select 'Trust postcode' before searching
  • Charity number - select 'Charity Commission Number before searching

How to search:

1. First decide upon whether the grant is towards welfare or education services.

2. Keyword Search.

  • 'All description text' allows for keywords to be entered for example 'Merseyside', 'horitculture', depending upon your search criteria.
  • 'Trust name' enables you to enter the name of a specific trust.
  • 'Trust address' allows you to enter the address of a specific trust or area in which trusts will be based; for example 'Liverpool' or the first line of an address.
  • 'Trust postcode' allows you to enter a specific postcode or postal area.
  • 'Charity Commission Number' enables you to find out the information of a specific trust by entering their individual Charity Commission Number.

3. Search now or Clear search.

  • 'Search now' will immediately conduct a search using the criteria selected.
  • 'Clear' will revert to the vlank search page allowing you to re-start the process.

NOW you have compiled a list of features which you wish to search on, click on 'search now' to display a list of results on the matrix to the right of the screen.

Search Results Index
A results matrix will now be displayed on the screen with the results broken down by purpose. At the top of this matrix is the number of results which match your search. The results can be accessed in the following ways:

  • There are headings and subheadings which you can select in order to view results relevant to each section. The trusts are then presented as a breakdown of results according to purpose.
  • At the top of the results page is the option to click on 'click here to view all trusts'. This will reveal all the trusts which were found as a result of your search and will be displayed in alphabetical order.

Please note that some trusts will appear under more than one heading.

How can I save my search?
After an initial search, results are displayed on a matrix. This page can be saved by clicking on 'save search' at the bottom of the screen. You will now be prompted to save this search under a name of your choice.

How can I access my saved search?
Your saved search can be accessed by clicking on the 'profile' link at the top of the screen and then clicking on 'saved searches'. Each saved search can be opened by clicking on its saved name which appears on the screen in blue. Alternatively, each search can be renamed or deleted.

How can I save individual trusts?
Individual trusts can be saved by selecting the trust required and clicking on 'save' in the top right hand corner of the screen. This trust will be saved under its own name.

How can I access saved individual trusts?
Saved trusts can be accessed by clicking on the 'profile' link and then by clicking on 'saved trusts'. Each trust can be opened by simply clicking on its name. Trusts can also be downloaded by ticking the box to the left of the trust, then selecting 'download trust information' which is located at the bottom of the page. Now you will need to reselect the trust by re-ticking the box then clicking on the link at the top of the list which is in a pale blue box and reads 'click here to view or save your download file'.

Is it possible to view my search results in a clearer format?
Yes. Once a search has been conducted and the results are displayed on the matrix, there is a link above the results which reads 'click here to view all trusts' and will display all the results of your search in alphabetical order.

Help with Payment

Buy Online
If you would like to pay for your subscription online, please select this option. Payment by this method is completely secure, and DSC uses Worldpay to administrate your payment.

Please have your credit or debit card ready so that you can enter your details. You will receive confirmation by email when your payment is accepted, and you will be able to logon to the site immediately.

Pay by post, phone or fax
If you would like to pay for your subscription by post, phone or fax, please select this option.

You will be given the choice of:

  • Submitting your payment by cheque via post
  • Submitting your credit card details on the phone
  • Submitting your credit card details by fax

Once your payment has been processed and accepted, DSC will contact you with your logon details.